Le Petit Restaurant
French onion tart and other tasty dishes

Tomato soup with cream and bread
Cheese and leek soup with ground beef and bread

Small salad
Light salad with tomatoes, Mozzarella, corn, basil and pine nuts
Colourful salad with ham and cheese or tuna and egg

Plain omelette
Potatoe omelette
Cheese omelette
Omelette with bacon
Every omelette is served with a small green salad.

French onion crisp the original : bacon and onions
– Garlic: Bacon, onions and garlic
Provence I / II: Mushrooms (+ bacon) and herbs of Provence with cheese
– Cheese: bacon, onions and cheese
Colorful : bacon, onions, tomatoes and cheese
– Mozzarella: tomatoes, Mozzarella, basil and onions
Vegetarian: tomatoes, corn, onions and cheese
– Tuna: Tuna, corn and onions
Different: onions, crayfish meat and dill
You may create your own crisp.

Breaded cutlet of porc with a fried egg, roasted potatoes and vegetables
Cutlet of porc with a cream of mushrooms, french fries and salad
Rumpsteak – Entrecôte (200gr.) with peppersauce, french fries and salad
Rumpsteak – Entrecôte (200gr.), butter with herbs, roasted potatoes and salad
Goulash Provence (beef) with Pasta and salad
Salmon steak with rice in curry or hollandaise sauce and salad
Tagliatelle with a tomato basil sauce and crayfish meat
Turkey curry with vegetables, rice and salad
Jellied meat with roasted potatoes and pickled cucumber
Cold meat with bread

— all salads are served with a choice of joghurt sauce or an oil and vinegar dressing —

Flammkuchen Calvados: with thin apple slices, cinnamon and sugar
Vanilla ice cream with fruit salad and whipped cream

Enjoy your meal